At last night’s AGM the expression “sitting on our arses” was used several times by a visitor. Although I realise he was not accusing us of ACTUALLY sitting on our rears, I would like to make it clear that some of KRG’s members care passionately about the group and Amateur Radio, and put in a tremendous amount of time and effort which never gets reported. As with a swan gliding serenely on a lake, you don’t see what goes on under the surface. If we had the manpower and resources to do things faster or better, we would. It has to be remembered that this is a hobby, and is supposed to be fun. Some of our members are unwell, others are often away from the area, and many of us are at a time of life when things are naturally more difficult. Nevertheless we do our utmost to provide good service from our repeaters and (hopefully) interesting talks for our meetings. Sometimes it feels like we are wasting our time, but we plod on because we believe in the hobby.