Details of the GB3KC repeater

Repeater CW identity and user requirements

These are transmitted periodically as required by the license condition giving it’s callsign & CTCSS code.  There are several “handover” codes sent at the end of a received over, normally a “K”, but if there is a normal Echolink station connected, this is replaced by a “C”, with an extra delay, and if the hand over is from an Echolink station, this will be an “I”.  If an “O” is sent, this indicates that the audio was “over” deviating. Users should wait for the handover tone to reset the repeater and also to allow any other user to call in.

Echolink Commands

Most of the standard Echolink DTMF commands are available, but with specific operating requirements.The “08” command will give the current status.
For connection & disconnection commands, these will be “ignored”, unless they are preceded by audio and users should identify themselves with such words as:-

“G9XYZ connecting” followed by the required DTMF node number, or short cut code “without” releasing their ptt.
“G9XYU disconnecting” followed by the disconnection code of either “#” or “73”, which will disconnect the “last” station connected.

Before disconnecting any connection, it is advisable to issue the”08” command to confirm who is connected.  If there is more than one station connected, for example “three stations”, and you wish to disconnect the “second” station in the list, this can be done by issuing the command “#2”.  (“#n” will disconnect the “” station listed by the “08” command)

Shortcut codes 

The list of short codes can be found here, please let us know any Echolink Nodes that you would like added to the list via the Contact Form.  These are a “3 digit code” that can be used instead of the full node number.

Callsign: GB3KC

Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands


Frequency TX: 430.900 MHz
Frequency RX: 438.500 MHz
Split TX/RX: 7.6 MHz
CTCSS: 67 Hz
Channel spec: Narrow (2.5KHz deviation, 12.5KHz channel spacing)
Modulation: Analog FM
1750 Hz Access: No
Keeper: Richard, G0EWH
First On-Air: January 2015
Radio: Kyodo KG106 full duplex unit
Antenna: White Stick Collinear
Power: 22 W ERP
Computer: Pentium 200 / DOS 7.00
Software: E-Link – repeater & Echolink controller
Echolink Node: 430900