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Nissei TM-3000 SWR Metre



Frequency range: 1.6 – 60 MHz
Measuring ranges Power: 10 – 30 – 300 – 3000
Tolerance :: @ 10 – (AVG) +/- 10% @ 100 W – 1 kW – (AVG) +/- 5%
Permissible power: 3 KW
Prekalibrowany manufacturer Made in Taiwan
Connectors output / input: SO-239
Dimensions :: 190 x 85 x 135 Weight: 800 g


Nissei TM-3000 allows measurement: SWR (standing wave ratio) power (also under PEP) level modulation AM wave radiated reflected wave
SWR meter, professionally reflectometer, the basic equipment of every amateur radio that allows you to tune the antenna CB and control the efficiency of the antenna system.
Nissei TM-3000 is a professional Reflectometer with accurate indications.
With its help, you dress up your antenna system in the house and in the mobile station.
After attaching a dummy load in place of antennas we can measure the level of modulation transmitter and its' power.
In addition, we have to measure the power radiated and reflected.
A unique feature of the meter in this price class is the ability to measure the depth of modulation AM.
Professional equipment for demanding users operating in the frequency range 1.6-60MHz.


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